Turkey Hunts

Spring Season

Starts the third Saturday of March and ends the first Sunday of May.

Out of State License Cost: $125

We offer some of the very best in Texas turkey hunting. Our primary business is cattle, whitetail deer management and hunting. As a result of many years of year-round supplemental feeding and habitat improvement practices have benefited our Turkey population tremendously and are very abundant on our ranches.

Texas is very liberal and generous in its seasons, bag limits, hunting methods and choice of weapons thus ensuring even the beginner an excellent chance to be successful. The combination of open terrain, use of feed and decoy’s, choice of weapons including shotguns and hunting on Sunday’s all guarantees you an opportunity to harvest a Tom. We offer several hunt packages and will custom tailor a hunt to meet your needs. This species of turkey is called the Rio Grande Turkey.

Hunt Package

Hunting is for 2 days and 1 nights (3 hunts) and each hunter may harvest 1 Tom. For over the last couple of years we have had 100% opportunity on all our hunts. No one offers a better hunt than that.

  • Cost for 1 Turkey: $750.00
  • Food, Lodging, Semi-Guided
  • Extra bird:  $200.00
  • Guest $150 per day
  • May also shoot a hog with this package