Our interest in breeding quality whitetail deer began long before deer breeding operations were common in Texas. Having developed the first large capacity deer feeder and protein feeder through our business All Seasons Feeders® back in the 80’s, before we even owned a ranch, producing quality deer was something we first experimented with on low fence properties. Through this early experience we developed a better understanding of whitetail deer nutrition and genetics leading to its overall body and antler growth. With the purchase of G4 Ranch, we were able to bring these experiences to a large scale high-fence breeding operation, where genetics, diet, and parasites could be managed thus allowing us to produce quality deer while regulating closely the genetics introduced into our operation. By allowing only does with proven pedigrees to cross with trophy class bucks, we now are home to some of the best whitetail genetics in South Texas.

Through our passion and dedication to breeding quality whitetail, G4 Ranch has been able to supply many top breeders and ranchers with foundation does and bucks. The attention to linage and genetics along with our innovation and state of the art facilities has allowed us to produce quality deer that have thus earned us an excellent reputation for both production and education within the whitetail industry.

Important features of our breeding program include:

  • Texas Bred Texas Born
  • CWD monitoring program
  • DNA verification
  • AI program and facilities
  • Supreme proven genetics
  • Linage and Progeny Records
  • Permits and Delivery available